Obstetric gynecology

The Voluson platform provides a wide choice of ultrasound scanners allowing a large number of clinicians to make benefit their patients from this remarkable technology. Excellent 2D imaging obtained with minimal user intervention, the Voluson brand foundations, allows to view anatomical information with breathtaking clarity regardless the type of gynecological and obstetrics examination. The Voluson platform embeds sophisticated fetal examination tools that are easy to use thanks to very advanced automation. The Voluson ultrasound gives the peace of mind the users need to serenely approach all of the exams performed in a gynecology and obstetrics department.


Ultimate performance

Voluson™ E10 RSA

Leading the way - Establish standards

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Voluson™ E8 RSA

Flux advanced features simplified work

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Performance and price

Voluson™ E8

Diagnostic and extraordinary confidence mink

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Voluson™ S10

innovative functionality - An investment of choice

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Voluson™ S8

A tailored response to specific needs

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Performance at the best price

Voluson™ S6

Innovative and Affordable

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Voluson™ P6

Intuitive - Compact - Economic

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Mobility & performance

Voluson™ i

Small in size with large volume

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La gamme Tradus Medical Radiologie

Performance, performance / price ratio, best price, or mobility: The full range of our gynecology & obstetric products at your disposal !



The LOGIQ E10 provides, a new gold standard in imaging, advanced tools and an ergonomic design improving the workflow so you can perform high-quality exams in a wide variety of clinical applications

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LOGIQ™ E9 XDclear

The LOGIQ E9 XDclear 2.0 ultrasound system helps you quickly acquire the information you need, during routine procedures or complex cases, and assists you in your decisions.

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LOGIQ™ S8 XDclear

Inspired by GE’s premium system, the LOGIQ S8 XDclear system provides remarkable quality images across a wide range of clinical applications. The LOGIQ S8 XDclear 2.0 system gives you access to a wide range of sophisticated clinical tools that are very easy to use.

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The LOGIQ P9 ultrasound system is a general imaging system designed for rapid diagnostic exploration, with consistent image quality, comprehensive application coverage, and ease of use that allows you to focus on the patient

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The LOGIQ® P6 ultrasound system combines performance and versatility to allow you to meet the needs of your patients in multiple clinical situations.

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LOGIQ e gives you the opportunity to switch from routine imaging to advanced ultrasound imaging. The system has a robust set of advanced imaging features that are intuitive to use.

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