Voluson™ S10


The Voluson S10 benefits from the proven performance of products in the range Voluson. Through the combination of Voluson platform Core Architecture and probes available on the Voluson Signature range, the system produces images with very high resolution, whatever the type of examination to achieve with minimal intervention of ‘user. The Voluson S10 has a touch screen to optimize the workflow patient.

Main characteristics

  • 4 ports active probe
  • 3D convex probe “ultra-light”
  • LED Monitor 23 ” with 98% and more details
  • configurable and intuitive user interface with a touch screen 10 ”
  • Scan Assistant and SonoNT ™ / AVC ™ / VCAD management tools automated review

Available options

  • Hdlive new viewing modes
  • Elastography of strain

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