Vivid™ E95


The Vivid E95 system provides access to an unrivaled standard in 2D cardiac imaging as well as new reproducible and automated quantification software. Thanks to its cSound ™ digital technologies applied to the beam former, you can very easily obtain 2D / 4D and color images with excellent resolution even for patients whose morphology or pathologies make exploration complex.

Main characteristics

  • New 4Vc-D volume probe for ETT 2D / 4D
  • Sectoral matrix probe for 2D ETT
  • 2D / 4D ETO probe
  • 22 ” OLED monitor with exceptional brightness
  • Intuitive and configurable user interface thanks to a 12 ’’ touch screen
  • Automated exam management

Available options

  • Stress analysis module
  • 4D automatic quantization software pack”

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