Vivid™ E9 Xdclear


The Vivid E9 XDclear is a premium system that benefits from the latest GE Healthcare technologies in probes and acoustic signal management. These innovations give the Vivid E9 XDclear excellent performance in the various 2D, Doppler and 4D imaging modes. The Vivid E9 XDclear gives you access to a multitude of innovative and intuitive automated tools and quantitative analysis

Main characteristics

  • Sectoral matrix probe for 2D ETT
  • 2D / 4D ETO probe
  • High contrast 17 ” LCD monitor
  • Intuitive and configurable user interface thanks to a 10 ’’ touch screen
  • Automated exam management

Available options

  • Stress analysis module
  • 4D automatic quantization software pack
  • Strain software

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